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A1. Thai Spring Rolls (4) Gluten freeVegan

Fried spring rolls stuffed with bean thread noodles and vegetables, served...

A4. Satay (4)

Chicken OR pork marinated in a mixture of Thai spices and coconut milk,...

A2. Crispy Wontons (10) Gluten freeVegan

Fried wontons stuffed with bean thread noodles, pototoes, and carrots,...

A3. Deep Fried Tofu Gluten freeVegan

Fried tofu, served with house sauce and crushed peanuts

A5. Blanket Prawns (6)

Deep fried prawns, served with plum sauce
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A8. Calamari

Deep fried squid, served with plum sauce
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A9. Shrimp Cakes (4)

Deep fried shrimp cakes, served with plum sauce